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!!!*COVID-19 UPDATE* Bodywork/Massage will Re-open on May 1st, 2020!!!.

!!!*COVID-19 UPDATE* Bodywork/Massage will Re-open on May 1st, 2020!!!. !!!*COVID-19 UPDATE* Bodywork/Massage will Re-open on May 1st, 2020!!!.



Matt Demers is our Licensed Bodywork therapist and is a co-owner of Rising Eagle Wellness . He graduated from the prestigious Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA in 2015 and has been practicing Licensed Bodywork and Massage Therapy ever since. Much of his personal experience, which got him to this point in life, is his athletic background. In high school, he rose to be an All-Star baseball player at third base, was an All-District middle linebacker and State Champion Wrestler at the 160 lbs weight, taking 5th in the National High School Senior tournament and earning a full scholarship. He attended Fresno State College and started at the 165 lbs weight class for the Bulldogs Division 1 Wrestling team from 1996-2001. Matt is also an avid rock climber, father of two and understands how injuries and dysfunction impact happiness and the ability to get through the day so our families' needs are met. He has the ability to treat dysfunctional kinetic patterns, structural imbalances, nagging problem areas and much more.  From elite athletes to baby-carrying parents who are constantly holding their children, you will find relief in the area's of your body that will not release. Matt has many modalities to choose from and is well versed in the knowledge of the muscular, skeletal and central nervous system. His aim is to provide a professional, comfortable environment to re-integrate your body into a state of euphoria, functionality and happiness.  

What to expect upon arrival:

There will be a short 5 minute meet/greet to listen to what modality you want and what area of your body you want to focus upon.  The therapist will leave the room momentarily for you to disrobe to your comfort level and lay on massage table, under a draped sheet that is provided. The therapist will knock on door and enter upon permission, then perform the  bodywork/massage with communication when needed.  You will have 5 minutes at the end of therapy to embrace the euphoria, get dressed and enjoy your life until next time.  Our goal is to infuse you with health and healing. If there is anything we can do to make a more comfortable experience for you, please don't hesitate to let us know.  


Medical Massage: Focused upon rehabilitation of a dysfunction/injured area of the client. We use a blend of modalities which first release the muscles in the area. We then implement neuromuscular techniques to re-establish the neural pathways to the brain, enabling the complex group of muscles to work in sync, as the specific area did before the trauma. 

Tui-Na Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.) Massage: Tui-Na translates to push and pull. T.C.M. looks at the physical body as having electrical circuits (Meridian Lines) which weave throughout the body.  This type of therapy helps direct the Qi (life-force energy) into its proper directions, while releasing any stagnation or short circuits in the meridian system. 

Deep Tissue w/Myofascial Release: Surrounding each muscle is a myofascial sleeve which, for various reasons, gets micro-adhesions (tears) that inhibit the muscles performance and causes pain/dysfunction. Through deep tissue and myofascial release we are able to release these adhesions and allow the muscle to move freely and uninhibited releasing tension, pain and correcting physical dysfunction. This modality is “intense” in its nature and may produce discomfort while the technique is being performed but once complete the area will no longer be restricted and feel euphoric due to fresh oxygenated blood flowing back into the muscle. 

Neuro-muscular Therapy: This modality focuses on postural imbalances by locating which muscles are not receiving messages from the brain (not working properly), through neuro-kinetic muscle testing. The non-functioning “Prime-mover” muscle must rely on a “Supportive muscle” in order for motion to continue. This “supportive muscle” is always sore, stagnated and hurts from having constantly being in contraction, doing the work of a large muscle. This modality re-establishes the brain’s connectivity to the “Prime-mover” which instantly allows the “Supportive muscle” to relax and de-compress after the years of over-use. 

Cranial-Sacral Light-Touch Therapy: This modality is used to restore balance to an overly stressed body and energetic system. When our physical and energetic vessel is in this fight/flight state, it creates what is called a “monkey-mind” where the individual has racing thoughts that will not stop and over time can cause mental illness and disease. There are precise “holds” which are used along the sacrum up to the occipital and cranial sutures, which restores spinal fluid tidal flow, to allow the Central Nervous System a rest from anxiety, fear, and depression. 

Free Personalized Exercise/Stretching Program: Many clients have similar dysfunctions and ailments, but the root cause to those similar dysfunctions/ailments are rarely due to the same cause. In each muscle there is a length-tension relationship, if the muscle is too tight (shortened), it must be stretched and opposite, if it is too weak (lengthened), it must be strengthened. This program is personalized to each client and it is determined which muscles are to be strengthened or stretched to restore proper length-tension relations to all muscles in the body. Zero to low impact, body weight exercises only.