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!!!*COVID-19 UPDATE* Bodywork/Massage will Re-open on May 1st, 2020!!!.

!!!*COVID-19 UPDATE* Bodywork/Massage will Re-open on May 1st, 2020!!!. !!!*COVID-19 UPDATE* Bodywork/Massage will Re-open on May 1st, 2020!!!.

Covid 19 Measures



Our experience with Covid-19 has been one of trying times.  From isolation to news reports with contradictory information, many of us are lost in the confusion.  What we do know is that this illness has a more profound affect on "high-risk" people.  Our son as many of you know has Type-1 diabetes and our Father has recently suffered from 3 strokes and has Type2 diabetes.  We are very sensitive to not bring this virus home if at all possible.  Rest assured we are taking this illness seriously and with as much preparation possible to keep you and our families' safe.  

What do we know about Covid-19

1)  Extremely contagious

2)  Long incubation period

3)  "High risk" people can have more adverse affects.

What is rising eagle wellness doing?

1)  Using sanitary practices before each client and after each client.  

  A). Spray alcohol on all potential virus spreading areas (door handle, lights, tables, chairs, etc.)

  B). Therapist washes hands properly, wears a face-mask to lower potential spread,     

  C). Linens are always freshly washed and replaced before/after each client.

  D). Client intakes will be done in waiting room to reduce potential.

What can you do?

Please wash your hands properly in the bathroom on the first floor before coming up to the waiting room.  

Feel free to wear a face-mask if you have one.

If you have been around anyone you suspect or know has contracted Covid-19, please refrain from making an appointment for at least 14 days.  

If you have any symptoms of a compromised immune system, please cancel the appointment and reschedule.  (there are no cancellation fees during this time.)

Remember the best defense against any illness is a strong immune system and therapy is one of the most positive immune strengthening tools.