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Providing Health and Wellness Since 2013

Providing Health and Wellness Since 2013

Providing Health and Wellness Since 2013Providing Health and Wellness Since 2013

Providing Health and Wellness Since 2013

Providing Health and Wellness Since 2013

Providing Health and Wellness Since 2013Providing Health and Wellness Since 2013Providing Health and Wellness Since 2013




Grow Towards Wellness Through Bodywork & transformational Counseling


At Rising Eagle Wellness, we believe you have control of all aspects of your health (mind, body and spirit). When "all of you" is in sync, then you can feel vitality, genuine happiness and be full of energy so you can do all the daily activities in your life. Holistic health is one of the most important assets to live a life full of love and beautiful experiences with family and friends. Many feel it is an impossible task to break free from our stress induced lifestyle. With timelines, obligations and responsibilities (family, career, friends, etc), we often forget about ourselves and important things, like; the health of our mind and our body, remembering to eat, sleep and rest regularly.  We neglect ourselves until we crash or are diagnosed with a disease or illness. For those of you who are too busy to make time for yourselves, Rising Eagle Wellness is here for you and your well-being.  We are a family owned company and understand the daily challenges, stress and struggles that we all go through.  Please take the time and spend an hour for yourself. Book an appointment with one of our therapists to relieve your stress and feel like "yourself" again!


BODYWORK / deep tissue massage


The body is an amazing machine that will adapt to any reasonable stimuli that the mind is capable of pushing it to do. With so many moving parts, it is easy for the body to get out of balance due to injury, stress, physical inactivity, mis-alignments and many other reasons, which all lead to pain. Once you actually feel the pain, the imbalance has been persisting for a long period of time. At Rising Eagle Wellness, we look at the sight of pain as the beginning of the mystery. Once we relieve your pain, we trace the root cause of the pain, then restructure the cause..  If you are tired of dealing with nagging pain in your neck, back, hips, shoulders, legs or arms, please schedule an appointment with our Licensed Bodywork Practitioner to alleviate and remedy the cause of your pain for good!

Bodywork / massage: what is the difference?


Our muscular system is designed to not only move the body, but also to keep the bones and spine in alignment so the central nervous system and it's nerve branches are not constricted, causing pain. Bodywork is designed to release adhesions (small tears in the myofascial and muscle tissue) through a series of modalities. Much of the time with Bodywork, we will need the participation of the client to engage muscles and move limbs at the same time the practitioner is working on the focus area.  Muscles work together, support each other, and we need to engage a complex of muscles to isolate the release of a particular muscle in that complex structure.  Massage is designed to engage the para-sympathetic nervous system to relax the body and it's muscles to give an overall euphoric result.  In most sessions, our Licensed Practitioner will blend the two together depending on your wants, needs and desired results.  



We all go through difficult and challenging times in our lives. Life transitions and issues within our relationships happen, which can lead to depression and stress. Emotions, like anxiety, fear, and hopelessness, can surface. These are hard to deal with on your own. We can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through whatever obstacle you are  going through (past, present, future). Our counselor looks at the client in a holistic way (mind, body, spirit) and comes up with a plan that best fits the needs of the individual/couple and their situation.  



Have you always wanted to find your purpose in life and identify the passions that excite you and make your heart soar? Each individual has to walk their own path and follow their internal compass to reach their goals and dreams. This process of self discovery on your own can be a challenge to navigate alone. Through discovering who you are, why you are here and what your purpose is on this planet can bring new discoveries of your life, your relationships and your connecting to something greater than yourself!



Our brain is where our thoughts are generated and it takes a great deal of focus (mindfulness), nourishment (food for the soul) and a healthy environment (epigenitics) for it to work in a positive way.  If we lack in any of these areas, the brain (and your thoughts) can become perpetually negative, self-defeating and will not resonate with others around you if not addressed properly. This is a vicious cycle of negative thoughts that leads to depression, neglect and hatred towards self and others. You can learn the necessary tools to stop this cycle with the help from our therapist.

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