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!!!*COVID-19 UPDATE* Bodywork/Massage will Re-open on May 1st, 2020!!!.

!!!*COVID-19 UPDATE* Bodywork/Massage will Re-open on May 1st, 2020!!!. !!!*COVID-19 UPDATE* Bodywork/Massage will Re-open on May 1st, 2020!!!.



Marie Demers is our Transformational Counselor and is a co-owner at Rising Eagle Wellness. She believes in a holistic (mind, body, spirit) approach to healing and provides a strong support system that encompasses compassion, caring and empathy. Marie helps her clients work through their past and present issues, using a combination of unique theoretical approaches, such as Transpersonal, Humanistic, Solution-Focused, Jungian and Spiritual/Depth psychology. 

Marie holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Professional Counselor for the State of Idaho (LPC #7480). She has deeply studied Spiritual and Depth Psychology during her two Masters programs, as well as Transpersonal Psychology while attending a PhD program at Sofia University (formally the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology). 

Marie specializes in the following:

- Life Transitions

- Personal Transformation

- Depression/Anxiety

- Relationship Issues

- Divorce

- Coping with a Diagnosis of a Chronic Illness

- Spiritual Awakenings

- Spirituality Issues

- Woman's Issues (Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum)

Some of the techniques Marie incorporates in her sessions include: 

- Mindfulness/Awareness

- Deep Breathing Exercises

- Guided Meditation

- Dream Work 

- Language of Thought

- Inner Child/Shadow Work

- Forgiveness, Gratitude and Affirmation Work

- Education on Energy, Consciousness & Epigenetics

These techniques address not only the mind and spirit, but they also help bring a sense of one's purpose and identity. They extend beyond the individual and encompass a wider aspect of life, the psyche and the cosmos. The way to the light is through healing the darkness that is inside all of us.

Marie believes that each person is on their own "hero's journey" and one of her greatest joys is assisting in this transformational process. She feels that everyone deserves to be nurtured and supported during their healing process, therefore she offers a discounted rate for those that qualify. Currently, she is accepting United Healthcare, Optum, Regence, Cigna & Aetna. Please call Marie for a free 30-min consultation over the phone and to discuss payment options and insurance questions.

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek ." ~Joseph Campbell~

"Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." ~Carl Jung~

Supervised by Jillian Winters (LCPC - #6605 Idaho)


Transformational Counseling


Client Focus

Our focus is to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths. This is done by providing a neutral safe space, listening to your concerns, and creating a customized plan to specifically fit your needs.


We promise to be there for you every step of your journey. Our goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life.

life transitions/RELATIONSHIP ISSUES

We all go through difficult and challenging times in our lives. Life transitions and issues within our relationships happen, which can lead to depression and stress. Emotions, like anxiety, fear, and hopelessness, can surface. These are hard to deal with on your own. We can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through whatever obstacle you are  going through (past, present, future). Our counselor looks at the client in a holistic way (mind, body, spirit) and comes up with a plan that best fits the needs of the individual/couple and their situation.  


Have you always wanted to find your purpose in life and identify the passions that excite you and make your heart soar? Each individual has to walk their own path and follow their internal compass to reach their goals and dreams. This process of self discovery on your own can be a challenge to navigate alone. Through discovering who you are, why you are here and what your purpose is on this planet can bring new discoveries of your life, your relationships and your connecting to something greater than yourself!


Our brain is where our thoughts are generated and it takes a great deal of focus (mindfulness), nourishment (food for the soul) and a healthy environment (epigenetics) for it to work in a positive way.  If we lack in any of these areas, the brain (and your thoughts) can become perpetually negative, self-defeating and will not resonate with others around you if not addressed properly. This is a vicious cycle of negative thoughts that leads to depression, neglect and hatred towards self and others. You can learn the necessary tools to stop this cycle with the help from our therapist.